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Mar 7, 2014 - My experiments in a homemade homebrew DIY apple grinder and scratting machine - a concrete apple crushing machine! Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in.

Showing how I built my apple grinder.

The next project is an apple grinder! Thanks once again for your support during this project. (Jun-2012) Aigars said that he was "forced" by his wife to entered his apple cider press in a competition organized by a Latvian magazine, "Ievas maja" (Ieva's house).

I needed an apple grinder to make cider, but I didn't want to spend the money for an expensive, store-bought machine. Instead, I found a new 1 …

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make this easy-to-build cider press, and start enjoying homemade apple cider and apple jack. By Jim Nowadnick Figure 1.

If you have a huge apple harvest each year, then you might want to check this one out. Try these plans for your cider press. 11. The Apple Grinder. This grinder is a little smaller than most of the cider presses we've seen so far. I thought some of you may not have room for something as big as a press.

Build an Apple Scratter. ... single-tub press with a hand-cranked grinder or "scratter" to pulp the fruit and squeeze out the juice using a long screw pressing down into a bucket. Every year I would notice how the scratter would create large chunks of apple in the tub that would remain moist even after turning the pressing screw and a using ...

Building an apple grinder. Based on the experience with my previous apple grinder, I already knew this one would work. Because I wanted to make a detailed set of plans available for this one, I carefully designed the whole thing in CAD before I cut any wood. I printed out a 1:1 side view of the apple grinder using my BigPrint program

Step 6: Pomace. (Note: we learned to do this part from WhizBang Cider) About 20 pounds of fruit later, we're left with a bucket about 3/4 full of ground apples, or "Pomace." The pomace is placed into a container (the bottom 4 inches or so of a plastic bucket) which is lined with netting material.

How to Build a DIY Cider Press for Free. Materials: 5 Gallon Bucket; Slightly Smaller Bucket (or large storage Tupperware) ... That yielded about a quart of mash for the apple butter." ... I run whatever fruit through a meat grinder and put it in a pillow case. Then, I use the wringer on my mop bucket to squeeze all the juice out.

the grinder attachment is from a friend that homebrews with me. it is nothing more then a garbage disposer the he couldn't install in his house because of plumbing so he lent it for the cause. it is a half horse stainless chamber. apple/pear killer. the down pipe is just the right height to put a bucket with a mesh bag in to catch all the pulp that is being spit out of the pipe.

Building an Apple Grinder (2003) Having earlier experimented with Pressing without grinding, I knew grinding the apples before pressing is essential for extracting the juice.. My parents have been making apple cider for the past five years or so, first using equipment borrowed from a neighbor.

Making apple cider This fall (2009), my brother and I went to my parents to help with making apple cider. We used the same apple grinder and press that my parents have been using since the fall of 2004, so this was the sixth season for the equipment.

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The results were impressive as the apple essentially exploded, however at the speed the grinder was turning the angular momentum overcame gravity and rathar than falling from the chopper into the crushing roller the bits of apple nearly all were swept around the bottom of the turn and were thrown up and out of the hopper, making quite a mess.

Those experiments happened in 1999. Four years later, in 2003, I built an Apple Grinder. The results of the apple grinder were very encouraging, and it makes it clear that getting good yield out of apples for juice is less a matter of how much pressure in the press, and more of how well the apples are ground before they go into the press.

This is detail of construction of the apple grinder shown in other video where apple cider is being pressed. It is made from stainless steel for the grindin...

There are four main parts of the cider press: grinder, frame, presser and electric motor. Tools for the project include an electric saw, driver, drill, hammer and measuring tape. The design requires a familiarity with tools, some building know-how, and the need for some pre-fabricated pieces. The grinder

One thing that made our old disposal grinder work better was a rammer to push the apples through faster. I made a wooden pestle, diameter just barely fit into the throat of the grinder. Throw apples into the grinder and then ram them through - throw another batch in and ram - etc. Lot of work but the resulting pomace was just about the right ...

The Maximizer Apple Grinder needs to be mounted to a wall (a corner of a building) or to a table with a hole in it. Or, it can be mounted natively to the more expensive apple press. These things are very important considerations when choosing how to set up your apple pressing station.

Building an apple grinder. Based on the experience with my previous apple grinder, I already knew this one would work. Because I wanted to make a detailed set of plans available for this one, I carefully designed the whole thing in CAD before I cut any wood. I printed out a 1:1 side view of the apple grinder using my BigPrint program.

Fall is upon us so you know apple season is coming along with it. You'll need a great cider press to help you make some delicious homemade apple cider. So why not consider building this press. It has a grinder to make your life a little easier as well. Also, it has …

More like this. Fall is on its way and if you have apple trees you might like to build this press to press the fruit for juice and cider. 18 different cider press plans to choose from when building your own cider press. One should l suit your experience level, so have a look at this selection.

Making apple cider. Building an apple grinder. My second apple grinder, and a refined design from the first one. Experimenting with different methods of powering or motorizing the apple grinder. A very detailed set of plans for my second apple grinder. But you will have to pay me $12 to get them : (.

The process of turning apples into sweet cider begins with the Whizbang apple grinder, which is built around a modified kitchen garbage disposal. The Whizbang grinder will quickly turn bushels of apples into bushels of juicy apple mash, ready to press. No tedious hand-grinding is required.

Making your own apple grinder • Historic background – Rotating drum grinders – Centrifugal mills • Design objectives • Details of fabrication • Conclusion A good grinder is important to increase the yield and speed the pressing of apples into juice. This presentation will give tips and show the procedure to build an efficient grinder.

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Apple cider presses and apple grinder-crushers at PHG. Products. Few things in life are as delightful as the pure, sweet goodness of fresh apple cider! Making apple cider is great fun too, with apple pressing products from Pleasant Hill Grain. From a 1.25 gallon tabletop fruit press to a 21 gallon stainless steel hydropress, we have the cider ...

Building an Apple Grinder. Apple Grinder. Phyllis Irwin. homesteading. Woodworking Plans. Woodworking Projects. Apple Cider Press. Wood Projects. Projects To Try. Recycling Machines. Cider Making. Farm Tools. Homemade Tools. Pedal Powered Apple Grinder Complete [Note October 2009: the pedal mill has been substantially updated since 2007 ...

Apple Press and Apple Grinder - on the Cheap: Update!! We are now an installation at the Boston Science Museum - Check out our wicked cool video here and if you are in the Boston area, check out the exhibit, it will be installed for at least the next 10 …

"I have used your plans to build a chicken plucker and a cider press and an apple grinder. Last year was a great apple year here in central PA. I made 160 gallons of sweet cider and 20 gallons of hard cider. Good Stuff!"

It has an attached hand-crank apple grinder. Last year, in an effort to make the process of grinding apples easier and faster, I bought a garbage disposal. The garbage-disposal-for-an apple-crusher was an experimental thing and it worked exceptionally well. While hand cranking an apple grinder is laborious and slow, machine grinding is fast and ...

We had built a cider-maker or two in the past, but had quickly discovered that what we really needed was a cider mill, which combines an apple grinder and an apple press, to get as much juice from ...