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The cvh engine mounts doesn't fit the black top, neither does the 1.8 escort water pump which allows easy belt setup without pas beacuse it spins the other way. The also have different sumps, so the cvh sump MIGHT not fit a blacktop. The silver top can also be run with its stock ecu outside it's native car easily enough.

I have bought a 2.0 black top Zetec engine to replace the 1.8 Mondeo silver top presently in my kit car. When preparing the silver top I fitted the water pump from a Mk 5 Escort to the Mondeo engine. As the Escort pump runs in the opposite direction to the Mondeo I was able to use a shorter drive belt, running on the outside of the three ...

With the silver top Zetec in my saloon i converted the alternator to V belts and replaced the water pump with an electric one. That let me keep the engine and gearbox in the same place as a CVH The ST170 6 speed gearbox is actually narrower then the BC/IB5 so it would let you move the engine/gearbox across to the gearbox side.

WSCC S.O.R.N. 441. Car Details: 2.0 L Zetec Blacktop Narrow SEi on ZZR1400 ITB. My Location: York. Author. Share. Posted February 27, 2013. With a standard blacktop water pump it will run anti-clockwise... the crank runs clockwise, so unless it has an …

The water pump inlet on a 2.0L (blacktop) zetec makes about a 100deg angle with respect to the radiator. What is a typical solution for this section of hose to get to the radiator ? I have a 90 degree elbow that I could probably use, but I'd rather not put any kinks in hoses if I can help it.

Zetec Blacktop under drive water pump pulley. These can be used with reverse direction pump impellors where an alternator / power steering pump is needed as they are machined to suit a 6pk belt. Diameter is increased to 130mm These reduce pump speed by 20% to help reduce power loss and and pump cavitiation at high rpm.

NEW Ford Zetec Black top 1.8/2.0/ST170 water pump fitted with crankshaft direction impellor. Suitable for Hotrods Super Stox Kitcars etc. Comes with new CNC machined hard anodised impellor on new pump with sealing ring.

The symmetrical layout provided by a central entry manifold is a desirable characteristic for equal flow, but not one that is vital. Plenty of high flow manifolds, both those designed for the Zetec and those for other cars are side entry. Injectors And Fuel Pump. As mentioned above, the standard Zetec injectors will be insufficient.

Just found out the water pump leaking but it's not from the seal it's from the weep hole. Very slight but still should have worked either way. Rating dropped from 5 Star to 4 Star. - September 3, 2016 2002 Ford Focus SVT 2.0L Zetec Engine Code 5

Ford ZETEC Idler Pulley Bracket for Water Pump Directional Change. £84.00. BriSCA F2 & Saloon Stock Car 2 Litre Zetec Approved Idler pulley bracket for water pump directional change. Kit includes machined aluminium bracket and all fixings and a Gates 6PK 955 belt. The kit requires a 70mm x 18mm 6 rib pulley from a doner Ford Zetec engine.

Start with a Zetec black top engine due to the better positioning of the oil fiter and the first job is to completly strip the block, crank, rods and pistons. Water Pump. Fitting a CVH water pump on the side of the Zetec block, start by placing a CVH water pump gasket on the block lining up the top left bolt hole in the gasket with the M8 hole ...

Silvertop 2.0 Zetec Tiger Racing Sump/Pickup/reverse rotation water pump. West Wickham, England. £20. Denso 27 06 0-97 20 3 Alternator.

Building: 2 litre zetec, live axle, throttle bodys and megas posted on 27/12/12 at 11:09 PM My car has been plumbed like that for a few years with no problem, but people seem to think that you need 2 separate hoses for some unknown reason.

If its for a Silvertop,you order a water pump from uk ford dealer to suit a Escort 1.8 zetec. . Blacktop has no reverse impeller . You need to make a bkt from the water pump using a 6 rib pulley to take the belt on the inside of water pump to reverse is spin as to the crank and alt..

I have always changed WP when doing cam belt too, but when checking old zetec pump out they sure seemed to be in good shape, as compared to older American type V-8 pumps. Those changed around 80-100K always seemed to be getting loose. Really wondering what kind of average life these zetec pumps get.

Ford Zetec Race Spec Water Pump Drive Kit as used in Brisca F2 and spedeworth Hot Rod Racing Formula's . Kit consists of water pump pulley, reverse impeller and belt . This kit is designed to run from crankshaft pulley to water pump pulley without the alternator and runs the water pump in …

Ford Focus Torque Specs for the ZETEC engine. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts ... You MUST look on the top of the ARP bolt in the rods to see what the bolt sais on the top ARP 2000 7/16 head 3/8 thread with molly 43 ft lbs ARP MAIN STUDS 80 ft lbs with molly lube ... Water Pump Pulley 18 ft. lbs. Crankshaft pulley 85 ft. lbs.

Ford Mondeo Focus 2.0 16v Zetec Black Top Oil Pump. £112.00. View Details. WATER PUMP FORD PINTO ESCORT RS2000 MEXICO CORTINA CAPRI 1.6 2.0 SOHC. £37.95. View Details. Ford Kent X/Flow Escort Cortina Capri 1300 1600 GT Standard Piston Ring Set. £48.00. View Details.

For the later black top, or series 3 Zetec from the Focus, the solution is a reversed impellor from a place called Quicksilver Race Engines in the States, or an idler pulley made up to run the pulley in the same way as stock. The two pictures below show the two different arrangements for driving the water pump.

Black top is same height. Oil filter in same position but I think the angle is different. Water pump is different. As the original blacktop installation would have either or both AC & power ...

The water pump rotation direction depends upon which variant of the Zetec you have. Phase 1/2 "Silver Top" (all but Escort/Fiesta 1.6/1.8): Pump rotates anti-clockwise and is driven by the back of the belt.

The Zetec-E was originally available on the Ford Escort from around 1991 in 1.6 and 1.8 litre capacities. It was then widely adopted in 1992 when the Mondeo replaced the Sierra. This introduced the 2.0 litre engine in addition to the 1.6 and 1.8 litre engines. There are three main phase variants of the Zetec-E, the Phase 1, 2 and 3 (or Evo 1, 2 ...

Needed when using Silver Top engine in RWD application to correct water pump rotation. Will fit 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0. Comes with lightweight 0.3kg pulley (Z066) and new gasket. Will not fit Black Top or ST170 engines. Lightweight waterpump pulleys and full kits also available

QCP3408 Water pump Ford Zetec E 1.8/2.0 black top 5/98- Mondeo Mk2 & Focus Mk1 inc ST170 Not Focus RS. Ford Zetec E 16v Black Top 05/98- Application: Ford Cougar 2.0

hi folks,i've got a water leak from the engine in my 2000 1.8 zetec,water temp is ok and the loss is not too great,(just driven 500 miles and put two pints in )i can see where its leaking from.. the black box on the rhs of engine block...got no idea what this bit is ???...tightened all the nuts /circlips etc in sight but still leaking...any ideas anybody..thks in advance

As for the raceline water rail, any good? I ask as I have ordered teh pully kit for the water pump to run the wrong way on my new Zetec, the Alternator mounting kit …

The outlet pipe on the Mondeo water pump, exits the front of the block at an angle, but the Fiesta/Escort pump outlet pipe exits in a straight line. For the later black top, or series 3 Zetec from the Focus, the solution is a reversed impellor from a place called Quicksilver Race Engines in the States, or an idler pulley made up to run the ...

Water pump & pulley Alternator pulley Starter motor Lamda sensor Coolant hosing complete Air inlet & induction kit or similar Thermostat 1.8 oil pump (however, the 2.0 oil pump can be used with a smaller filter) Radiator & cooling fan Cam belt Gearbox register (alignment plate) 1.6 16v Si Engine loom complete and with all sensors

The yellow top motor is NOT a zetec and you shouldn't be using a U.S. zetec for reference. The yellow top is either and SVT or a 2.0 Duratec from a ST170. Same motors in those cars anyway. The pulley on the left in your first photo is the tensioner pulley on a u.s. zetec and the one on the right is the ONLY idler on a u.s. zetec.

WSCC S.O.R.N. 937. Car Details: 92 sei narrow going zetec v.soon! My Location: s.wales. Share. Posted August 27, 2014. the 2.0 silvertop mondeo pump (2.0 only comes in mondeo) has smooth pulley and rotates anti clockwise, hence the need to use an escort pump on it which goes clockwise and has ribbed pulley.

Water pump Ford Zetec E 1.8/2.0 black top 5/98- Mondeo Mk2 & Focus Mk1 inc ST170 QCP3408 Careful, the 1999 4/4 probably has the Silvertop engine and the water pump is totally different. Morgan were behind Ford with regard to engine changes and didn't introduce the Blacktop until 2002 I …

you dont need to swap the oil pump on the blacktop as the main problem with the silvertop's is filter clearance problems as it screws on to the back of the oil pump where the black tops are like the cvh in that they screw direct to the back of the block so no clearance problems, the cvh alternator bracket will fit the front of the zetec block to keep it easier but the black top waterpump inlet ...